Excised earring pin was 3x2x2 mm in size (Figure 3). the piercing of other sites (the eyebrow, lip, tongue, nipple, nose, navel, or genitals) for adornment with rings, spheres, or chains has been gaining in popularity. Ear piercing among chil- … Document Viewer

Can Wearing Of earrings Or piercings Be Harmful?
His earring. Immediately after the withdrawal of the earring the pain disappeared. Personally Regarding the different kinds of piercing in the tongue, lip, nose, etc. area, the problem remains the same. One shall be sure that no electro- … Return Doc

Case Report Embedded earrings As A Result Of Misuse: Case Report
Earrings-related complications are mostly caused by piercing. lobe, nasal ala, and the lower lip. The ear was affected in 17 of the 35 patients in their study, 10 of whom Earring-pin instruments probably exert high pressure on the soft tissue, … Access Content

Oversized Earrings Are Damaging For The Lobes, Doctors Say
Because the piercing is to the maximum and gives way. In such a case, surgery is the only option of restoring the lobe to its previous, pre-earring glory, they say. Of (usually known as a lip filler), which lasts for a year, after which time it will have to be injected again. A … View Full Source

BODY PIERCING BODY PIERCING –––– SELF MUTILATION OR PHYSICAL SELF MUTILATION OR PHYSICAL earring only – I remember my first boyfriend had an earring which at the time, were significantly greater among subjects with lip piercings (41.4%). … Retrieve Doc

Nose, lip, eyebrow, tongue. Small ear piercing is okay for guys. 11. If wearing earrings, they cannot be longer than ½ tongue. Small ear piercing is okay for guys. 11. EARRING SIZE: Cannot be longer than ½ inch. i.e. No long dangling earrings 12. NAME TAG: Will be given to you on your … Return Doc

Stephen C. Ross, M.D.
The earring back may also become embedded in the earlobe if the jewelry is placed too tightly under high pressure. complications to lip piercing included gum injuries, increased salivary flow, and trauma to the lip area.12 Other Complications … Document Viewer

earring per ear. Women may wear one small (1/8 th inch or smaller in diameter) nose piercing or “Monroe” style piercing and up to two matched or complimentary earrings per ear. No other visible piercings (lip, tongue, eyebrow, etc) … Read Content

Related Risks Of Tattooing And Body piercing: Prevalence …
The 1960’s with the earring, first among females, then in use in certain such as the ear auricle, eye-brow, nostril, lip, tongue and nipple, initially utilized in punk and homosexual populations. Before long, pierc-ing and tattooing were piercing, manicuring and hairdressing in the … Fetch Document

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Wide price range for the haircut Body and bouffant modification >Pomade and black hair dye >Off-center lip piercing >Star tattoo Nothing says dye it. >For easier alternatives, simply use a red marker and a magnetic earring Step 3a (pomade the hair if you have short hair, do … Return Doc

One ring on each hand and one small earring on each ear are permitted. No nose, lip or other piercing is allowed. Unusual coloured hair is not acceptable. Excessive ‘Make up’ will not be acceptable and students be asked to remove it. NOTE. … Document Viewer

DRESS CODE – (GIRLS) 2012 – 2013 Schoolbelles Or R-Us
Including colored lip gloss JEWELRY No tattoos or body piercing Small pierced earring permitted on earlobe (1 per ear) – girls only No dangling or large earrings Small simple necklace, bracelet & or watch permitted No silly bands, string or other fad bracelets … Document Viewer

Complications Of Body Art
Lip Labret Male Earring Nose Stud Patients’ view. 27 Infectious Complications of Tattooing Piercing? • 2 prisoners with … Retrieve Document

Not grow over the upper lip, nor shall handlebar or other ornamental i. Male – Shall not wear any form of earring. ii. Female -Shall not wear any form of earring. iii. Rings D. Piercing and Body Art i. Exposed body piercing, other than outlined above, … Retrieve Doc

Body Art
• Other sites include the lip, tongue, eyebrow, nipples, and genitals. tissue and causing both the earring and back to become set in. piercing heals correctly and what to do if there is a problem … Visit Document

Body And Ear Piercing Health Standards
Navel, lip, tongue, nipples and genitals.(1) Body piercing implements must be used as Concerns arising from the use of an ear lobe piercing "gun" include the earring stud embedding into the ear lobe and consequently causing infection(2). … Return Document

Infectious Complications Of Body Piercing
The area below the lower lip); or in the case of some septum and is said to be dependent on the type of clothing worn. similar to an earring, in the Infections following piercing have been reported infre- pinna for weight loss [56]. Green discharge was seen and … Content Retrieval

ORIGINAL ARTICLES – University Of Hawaii System
Male earring 17.5%, lip labret 39.2%). Postsecondary educa-tion was not associated with a trend of appropriateness for any of the piercings. Competency Survey nose or lip piercing (Table 3). For example, 39.4% of patrons … Get Document

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Of the stem or ring (the part that goes through the piercing). Use the width of the lines below to measure gauge. Gauge Sizes 2mm dia. 1/8" (3mm) dia. 1.5mm dia. 5/32" (4mm) dia. 3/16" (5mm) dia. 1/4" (6mm) dia. 5/16" (8mm) dia. 3/8" (10mm) dia. … Read Full Source

Safe Piercing
Lip 2 to 3 months Nipple 3 to 6 months piercing gun needs to have a disposable sterile cartridge that holds the stud. This type of gun is banned because the tips that contact and hold the earring and the backing are not disposable. … Read Full Source