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A DevOps community-contributed collection of charms. 6 Juju is intelligent. Juju exposes re-usable service units and well-defined interfaces that allow you to quickly and organically adjust juju deploy –constraints=”mem=32G” memcached wiki-cache … Document Viewer

Juju is a DevOps toolset which enables you to deploy, scale and maintain on the same server and by using Juju charms, (pre-written descriptions of everything needed to deploy a particular service) install OpenStack. … Retrieve Here

charms (juju). Being an occasion of public manifestation of joy, as people move about in the festive mood it becomes easy for those with such evil intention to take offence as little insignificant errors made by others and cast a spell on them (an opportunity to test … Fetch Document

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Perhaps half a day, in creating the Juju charms, which encapsulate how to deploy an application,” said Troup. “But we benefit from the huge number of charms that have been created by the Ubuntu community. The most … Access Full Source

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Believe in the protective power of juju (charms or amulets). Many people also say they consult traditional religious healers when someone in their household is sick, and sizable minorities in several countries … Access Content

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Juju worship, and with the articles found at Andoni. The Andoni Juju House. It is they dread;-and charms are hung up in doorways of houses to drive away this influence or to deprive it of its power. To show that … Document Viewer

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Developing juju charms to orchestrate various services throughout the enterprise. Designing / developing APIs and tools surrounding the juju DevOps stack. Integrate / test deployments on LXC, bare metal-as-a-service (MaaS) as well as EC2 and OpenStack cloud … Return Document

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Free at 877-987-JUJU (5858). What is “JuJu?” JuJuBelle is a system of necklace and bracelet chains with individual embellishments—which we call pieces of “JuJu”—that clip on to the chains. … Fetch Document

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Juju Ubuntu’s time-saving service orchestration tool, Juju, uses charms encapsulating devops best practice to deploy cloud services in seconds. It reduces the friction in handovers from development to testing to production deployment. … Fetch Content

As the man was preaching people were putting their hands into their pockets and bringing out their juju (charms). But the man began to pray and was not afraid, and the result was that most of the young men in the village, who were partaking in the worship of the village idols, got converted. … Fetch Full Source

Largest market in the town) early, on Nkwo market days to remove charms or juju if any that might have been secretly placed there by the enemies of the town, to harm the people in the market. … Fetch Here

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"The presence of magic, charms, juju, wizard [sic] and witches explains this cosmic model of the African Universe" (15). We would certainly crucify a European or other foreign scholar who dared to make this kind of statement about Africa. What … Fetch Here

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Comparative Cloud Deployment and Service Orchestration Process Using Juju Charms Gaurav Raj1, Chaitanya Kapoor2, Dr. Dheerendra Singh3 1,PhD Research Scholar, Department of CSE, Punjab Technical University, Kapurthala, India, … Retrieve Here

For him by a Christian brother: "I used to worship 'juju' charms, sacrificing valuable fowls to them daily. But when a cassette player was brought to my house, I believed. I abandoned my jujus and destroyed them. I thank God for sending his Word on cassettes to us Izi people." … Document Viewer

JuJu chArms Juju charms are a set of amulets and talismen carried around by west Africans for luck and protection. legend has it that the charms become more at one with their owners as they are handled and carried around. … Fetch Full Source

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That it is filled with ‘juju’, or protective amulets and charms, but could not tell him exactly what was inside. Myanmar (Burma), Asia; 1949.8.1 Nigeria, Africa; 1916.45.110 Ibadan, Nigeria; 1930.34.1. This amulet comprises a rubber horse … Retrieve Here

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> juju deploy –config=~/charms/openstack.yaml –repository=`pwd` nova-compute … Get Doc

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juju add-relation wiki-balancer:reverseproxy demo-wiki:website juju add-unit wiki-cache juju add-unit demo-wiki. 5 Presentation by Zhengpeng Hou Charms are simple … Retrieve Full Source

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4 Presentation by Nick Barcet Juju, DevOps Distilled Reuse existing deployment charms in an openly-accessible repository of shared expertise … Access Full Source

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Population in 11 countries say they believe in the protective power of juju (charms or amulets), shrines and other sacred objects. Belief in the power of such objects is highest in Senegal (75%) and lowest in Rwanda (5%). … Get Doc