Brahma,vihāra The Divine Abodes
The practical cultivation of divinity in man II Brahmā [cf Vedic brahmán (m), one who prays or chants hymns; (of the rites, charms, hymns etc) D 1:96 brahme mante adhi-yitvā; Pv 2:6,13 mantaṁ brahma,cintitaṁ = brāhmaṇānaṁ atthāya brahmaṇā cintitaṁ, PvA 97, 98. … Retrieve Document

Tapping Other Powers. Magic In Greek And Roman Life.
Theologian of an ethically purified concept of divinity. And at least the binding II. One of the ingredients of the mix which the itinerant professionals were it charms, persuades and changes our … Read Document

'Iconoclasm And Witchcraft In The Tragedy Of Ovid'
Against the divinity of her fair soul, / And that rich heaven of happiness, her body' (218; Li). Hannibal himself is conquered by the 'Too potent charms' of Ovid's cousin Caralinda (236; ILi). And mire of infants!' (255; Ill.ii); … Get Doc

Manuscripts For Sale: Urmia, 1890-2
Gordon Lyon, the Hollis Professor of Divinity at Harvard University, was II The documents L1 and L2 witness to the collection of Syriac manuscripts 82. Charms and several works differing 9 mss. a 83. … Fetch Doc

Constantine And The Christian Empire – The Divine Conspiracy
II The Imperial Crisis and the Illyrian Emperors 12 III charms. Several Constantinian scholars have shared their scholarship with me and offered Divinity has lifted you to the imperial dignity in order that you might be … Fetch Here

Journal. Volume 5). Of interest in the present context are the glass nazars, or ‘magical’ charms, used to ward off the evil eye, particularly a symbol of divinity and of the powers of the other II, 1985. 4. BAS (Bulgarian Academy of Science) Reports, 2005 … Access Content

Hindu Gods And Heroes
CHAPTER II. THE AGE OF THE BRAHMANAS AND UPANISHADS as being the highest divinity, without the least consistency. Some savage races believe in a highest god or first divine Being in whom they feel little personal interest. her charms she is compared to a dancing girl, or even a common … Document Retrieval

The Satanic Miter Of BXVI En
Medal of John Paul II, there is also one of Benedict XVI. Why such a medal? who charms his sheep with his flute”, is depicted as a seducer of nymphs (youthful women), and the denial of the Divinity of Jesus Christ! … Retrieve Doc

The cows whose divinity is Rohini, they who, moreover, axe II, 3. Charm against excessive discharges from the body, undertaken with spring-water. 1. charms do I dissolve thy poison. The (poison) which has been dug, that … Get Document

The Truth About Christmas
divinity, was mystically said to have been changed into a tree use as charms. The custom of decorating houses with mistletoe Vol. II, p. 903, "Christmas"). 6 The poet Catullus describes Saturnalia as “the best of … Doc Viewer

II. FIRES AND FIRE-BRIGADES III. DOMESTIC LIFE IV. the expense of the divinity and his bearers. This sometimes leads to a black-lacquered iron visors, and carry ‘martoe,’ or ‘fire-charms,’ and various necessary implements; … Get Doc

43. The Task Will Triumph
As a consequence, nature charms us and is attractive. Wherever we hear melody, or see harmony, or experience the sublime, it is Divinity that impinges on us and not nature. Authentic means of acquiring knowledge God is described as (ii)Anumaana (inference), and (iii)Shabdha (authoritative … Return Document

PowerPoint Presentation
(and in Keats words), an endeavor that might "unweave the rainbow." Do not all charms fly At the mere touch of cold Lamia: II, 229-237: Keats contrasted the truth of beauty and the Goethe even went so far as to insist that "truth, like divinity, is never to be known … Retrieve Full Source

The DOWN is the world of pure spirits which is nearest to Divinity. p. 15 charms so many of us. Sūfī poetry abounds in allegories and love romances, the stories of Laylā and PART II BEAUTY THE MARRIAGE OF THE SOUL … Fetch Document

China And Japan
China and Japan Part II, Sui-Tang, China thru Heian, Japan Gov/Hist 352 Campbell University … Retrieve Full Source

Moral Issues 2
Reserve and modesty” (Trench, 66-68). 1 Peter 3:1-6 Chaste (hagnos) BAG: “pure, holy… orig. an attribute of the divinity and everything were to be heavy in price alone” Called “prostitutionary garbs” having “the provocative charms of apparel II, ix and x ) Cumulative … Return Document

Sired by the highest divinity, Jupiter, but of a human mother, Alcmene. Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. HERCULES IN ITALIAN RENAISSANCE ART Ganymede’s charms, Hercules, too, was brought down by same-sex desire: ‘To this … Retrieve Full Source

Luther On The Hidden God – Word & World – Word And World
II. WHY GOD HIDES The question of God’s hiding was never purely academic for Luther. wills that have succumbed to the world’s charms. to be “satisfied with the divinity that had been revealed and in the knowledge of … Retrieve Content

Liber Annuus 50 (2000) Indice Copertina
The Divinity School, University of Chicago, for his valuable comments, this is evident from its depiction on Jewish charms of the eighteenth century: see E. R. Goodenough, (above n. 8), Vol. III figs. 1005, Vol. II (1990), … Access Content

The Community Of The Blessed Sacrament
charms, etc.) after all the Masses on October 14 & 15. of you pre-Vatican II people cringe?) The phrase we're looking at is: We share in His divinity when we go to Mass, break open the Scriptures, and consume His flesh and blood. … View Full Source